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Posted: September 4, 2017
Dr Rigano uses multimodality treatment of pain. Relieving anxiety by reviewing pain control and expected first week recovery is paramount for enhanced recovery. Knowledge is power and drives out fear. 33 years of surgical experience helps! The blocks really help minimize acute surgical pain. Toradol and other non-narcotic pain control measures minimize IV narcotics in Recovery Room. Patients move quicker and easier. Two different agents extend the pain relief for 2-3 days. Our Nipple sparing mastectomy patients can go home the next morning comfortably!

Dr Rigano uses a combination of marcaine and exparel for pain control during AND after surgery. The blocks are performed by Dr Rigano prior to soft tissue closure. This allows the block to set up before recovery room.

Advances in pain control, easier recovery, avoid nausea.
Breast augmentation can be pain LESS! using pain blocks to avoid muscle pain and spasms.

Understanding options for narcotic less pain control, more comfort,less constipation.Experience using nerve blocks around the chest makes recovery easier and increases gentle motion.


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Centerville, OH   More men opting for plastic surgery

By Rachel Murray
Posted: Mar 12, 2017
Former Huber Height resident Marion Pennington never thought he would seek out plastic surgery, but after he lost over 250 pounds he struggled with the extra skin left behind.
“A lot of the excess skin would actually bounce and was an insecurity of my own,” said Pennington.
He now lives near Indianapolis, but chose Centerville plastic surgeon Dr. William Rigano to perform excess skin removal on his abdomen and thighs.

Marion Pennington before his weight loss surgery.
“Everything is great, no regrets,” said Pennington, “I look at myself in the mirror and feel normal.”
More men than ever are choosing plastic surgery to fix flaws.
“I am definitely seeing more men come in for surgical procedures and even a little bit more on the non-invasive side- for Botox and fillers,” said Dr. Rigano.
Over 17 million cosmetic surgeries and procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2016, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the number of cosmetic procedures performed on men has jumped 325 percent since 1997, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Marion Pennington after his weight loss surgery.
Among women and men, Botox was the number one non-invasive procedure and breast augmentation was the number one surgical procedure in 2016, according to the ASPS survey.
New trends include fat grafting- where fat is taken from one area and placed in another, and Kybella- an injection touted as a double chin eraser.
If you are considering plastic surgery talk to several doctors and research the pros, cons, and costs, said Dr. Rigano.

Advances in Breast Cancer Reconstruction Using Implants

Cohesive Implants
Breast implants have changed. Improvements in leak rates and less capsular contracture have diminished problems with breast implant reconstruction. Using an ADM has improved support and minimized scar formation around the implant. Fat grafting has been an excellent addition and has improved results in radiated patients as well those who do not need radiation. Most insurers cover these procedures in relation to breast reconstruction, but precertifying these procedures is important. Finding a plastic surgeon with experience is critical to get excellent results.
Photo  above left is after radiation and lumpectomy.  Photo above right is a lat dorsi/implant reconstruction with n/a reconstruction and tattoo.
Recent advances using implants include:
  • silicone implants remain soft with
  • more cohesiveness
  • less capsular contracture
  • ADM for support & fat grafting
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Centerville, OH   Cosmetic Surgeon Offers Mommy Makeovers with Minimal Downtime for Busy Women

by Heidi Buckner
Dr. William C. Rigano of Advanced Breast & Cosmetic Surgery in Centerville, Ohio provides efficient, skilled ‘Mommy Makeover’ for women throughout the Cincinnati and Dayton areas.
Centerville, OH -- (ReleaseWire)
Posted: Jan 23, 2015

The Mommy Makeover is enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to recent advancements in technology and a growing number of experienced cosmetic surgeons honing and developing this frequently requested set of procedures. Busy moms interested in rejuvenating their appearance have brought these techniques and technology to the forefront of the cosmetic surgery trade. Most makeovers include breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction. Together, these procedures help refresh a mother's body contours after pregnancy, breast feeding, or C-section. These common cosmetic surgeries are performed in combination using general anesthesia in a comfortable outpatient facility where each client experiences the personalized procedures designated to provide the best results following a thorough consultation with her doctor. As a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, Dr. Rigano can minimize risks and optimize operative time while reducing recovery and downtime.

About Dr. Rigano
With 30 years of cosmetic surgery experience, Dr. Rigano works to steadily improve results, continually educate himself about the latest technology and techniques available, and provide caring, positive experiences for his clients. His safe, efficient approach to the Mommy Makeover enables a quicker recovery, with less inconvenience and discomfort and more happiness, confidence and pride once healing is complete. Following strict, detailed preoperative and postoperative protocols enables Dr. Rigano's patients to achieve a smooth, progressive recovery in a natuvral, healthy way. Mommy Makeover patients often return to light activity within 2-3 weeks of surgery, enjoying amazing results while staying involved. Personalization of the Mommy Makeover may include taking advantage of new developments in breast implant selection and non-invasive skin tightening. Dr. Rigano uses a new, FDA-approved laser treatment for stubborn stretch marks that improves skin appearance by stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastic fibers in the skin. swelling


Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy

Nipple-sparing mastectomy is an option for select patients with the diagnosis of breast cancer. In this surgery, the nipple, which is typically removed in mastectomy cases, is spared and used in the reconstruction of the breast. Reconstruction looks more natural when using the patient’s own nipple tissue. This can affect a patient’s quality of life by sparing the nipple and making them feel more comfortable with the reconstruction’s shape and appearance.

(Patient is shown at 12 months after fat grafting.)left
During stage one of a nipple-sparing mastectomy, implants are carefully selected for the patient’s individual needs.
Pre-operative incision planning (measurements and implant selection) can minimize skin-healing problems over an implant.   Implant size and style selection are discussed with each patient regarding individual needs. Following a nipple-sparing mastectomy, a healthy layer of skin is placed over the remaining chest muscle and implant. Drains are placed in the breast to alleviate collection of fluid. Gentle cleaning, regular drain care, antibiotics, and pain medications will hasten healing and minimize pain during the first 2 weeks. In the early postoperative phase, gentle motion of the arms and shoulders is important in order to minimize risks of prolonged swelling.

Lumpectomy Patients Desiring Reconstruction

Women who have had previous lumpectomy and radiation treatment can have a nipple-sparing mastectomy to remove hardness and release tightness after radiation changes. This should be performed by a plastic surgeon with experience and can require a second stage.
Adding a board certified plastic surgeon to a woman’s team can help her understand options that affect the quality of life. Nipple-sparing mastectomy can help a women regain her pre-operative confidence and self-esteem.
Survival and reconstruction has improved tremendously for women in Dayton, Ohio in the past 25 years. In order to continue the increasing success rate, spread the word!


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