Gallery | Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation | Case 1

A young athletic female desires breast augmentation from 34 A to C using a 350 cc moderate profile gel implant in a submuscular pocket. Preoperative and 3 month postoperative appearance.

Breast Augmentation | Case 2

A young mother of twins desires to restore the fullness after breast feeding. A dual plane breast augmentation from 34 A to small D using a 450cc high profile gel implant gave her the fullness she desired.

Breast Augmentation | Case 3

After pregnancy this healthy 135 lb, 34 B desires breast augmentation to D cup. A 425cc high profile gel implant in a submuscular pocket helped improve breast fullness and cleavage.

Breast Augmentation | Case 4

After pregnancy this 36 B with ptosis desired fullness and lift restored. Breast augmentation using a 375 cc high profile implant in a dual pocket allowed her to wear 36D

Breast Augmentation | Case 5

This woman had breast augmentation to restore fullness. She went from 34 B to full C after  300cc HP in dual plane.

Breast Augmentation | Case 6

An active woman desires fullness and improved symmetry for a better fit. Breast augmentation  was performed with 375cc and 425ccHP in dual plane.

Breast Augmentation | Case 7

28yo with 34A constricted breast, Had breast augmentation using dual plane with release and 400cc mod plus gel implants.

Breast Augmentation | Case 8

29yo 34-36 B- underwent submuscular breast augmentation with 375 cc HP memory gel.

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