Gallery | Facelift

Facelift | Case 1

65 year old gentleman desires facelift to look as good as he feels. His lift is natural and his neck makes him look 20 years younger.

Facelift | Case 2

A 55 yo woman did not want a long recovery . She chose neck liposuction instead of a full facelift. Her neck and jaw line contour makes her look younger.

Facelift | Case 3

A 59 yo woman with jowls and loss of cheek support desired facelift to restore a more youthful appearance.

Facelift | Case 4

A 60 yo active, healthy female shown before and after full face and neck lift

Facelift | Case 5

56 yo female with hereditary neck fullness and sun damaged skin had a full face, neck lift with liposuction. Pigment reduction and skin care improved the result.

Facelift | Case 6

58 year old woman desires facial and neck lift

6 months postop: full face/neck lift

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