Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do you find the right surgeon for your particular problem?

To find the right surgeon there are several avenues that patients can explore. Certainly a referral from their own primary care physician, or from prior patients of that surgeon are very, very helpful. Local medical societies also have information available regarding surgeons, as well as local websites.

How do you decide on the right plastic surgeon?

To find the right plastic surgeon it is quite important that patients evaluate the credentials of the surgeon, including Board Certification. The plastic surgeon should also have experience with all of the procedures that the patient is interested in, as well as have a caring staff and a registered nurse who can help provide education and care. The surgeon should be willing to spend time with patients to allow thorough understanding and help them make an informed decision.

What are the risks of local anesthesia?

Local anesthesia is extremely safe. Most problems are minor and can commonly include sore throat, nausea or drowsiness in the first 24 hours. Major risks of death or venus thrombosis are extremely rare and occur in less than one percent of patients.

What are the risks of local anesthesia and IV sedation?

Local anesthesia with IV sedation is a common way to perform surgery in the office. It is very safe and does not have the systemic risks of general anesthesia. Risks include allergic reactions or rare toxic reactions to the medicines. These are so uncommon that this is a very safe and excellent way to have anesthesia.

Breast Augmentation Questions

Why have breast augmentation?

Plastic surgeons commonly perform breast augmentation for all types of problems. Some women have developmental changes as they grow where one breast is slightly larger than the other and they would just like to have better balance. Other women have changes after pregnancy and would like to obtain that more youthful shape that the breast had when it was full. Other ladies certainly like just to have a larger more youthful appearing breast that would help give them better self esteem, confidence and clothes that fit better.

Who is the ideal canidate for breast augmentation?

An ideal candidate for breast augmentation is a lady who is otherwise quite healthy and has no significant medical conditions, who is realistic in their expectations and has a real desire to improve herself.

What are the options for surgical incision?

Plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation through a variety of incisions. If someone chooses a sub-muscular position of an implant an axillary or a small, 1", inframammary incision can be used. If it is just sub-mammary sometimes a periareolar incision can also be used to access that space.

Can a breast lift be combined with breast augmentation?

A breast lift can be combined with an augmentation. This is done to help reposition the actual breast tissue up in a better shape in relation to the implant. When this is done the implant commonly is placed in a sub-muscular position to preserve more blood supply for the whole breast region.

Are saline breast implants safe?

Breast implants are very safe. Initially back in the early 90's when saline implants first came out the leakage rate was a little bit higher. In the last 8 years that I have been using saline implants I have been very happy with the results, and they are very safe and very useful.

Breast Reconstruction Questions

What is involved with breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction involves the recreation of a normal breast shape after a mastectomy. It can be accomplished with several different techniques that involve the use of implants, expanders or flap reconstruction which involves removing tissue from other areas of the body to reshape the breast.

What is a tram flap?

A tram flap is a method of breast reconstruction where one of the muscles from the abdominal wall is used to carry blood supply to transport abdominal skin and fat up into the region to reconstruct the breast.

Who is a candidate for breast reconstruction?

Almost all women are candidates for breast reconstruction. With the several techniques that are available the plastic surgeon needs to match the patient and the correct technique to get a desired result.

Is immediate breast reconstruciton at the time of my mastectomy an option?

Immediate breast reconstruction at the time of the mastectomy is an option for almost all women. Occasionally, when disease is very advanced, the reconstruction needs to be carefully considered so that there is no change in therapy for the breast cancer patient.

Face Lift Questions

What are the risks involved when doing a facelift?

Risks involving facelift patients are quite uncommon when they are carefully selected. Temporary swelling and bruising is common the first week, numbness around the incision also tends to go away and resolve quickly. Major risks including facial nerve problems or tissue loss are very rare.

Where are the scars hidden?

Depending on the type of facelift the scar itself can be hidden in the hairline and just in front of the ear. With many facelifts it can extend behind the ear lobe as well, and with a full facelift it extends from the edge of the sideburn region around the ear and behind - back into the hairline.

Are there other options than a full face lift?

Not everyone needs a full facelift to look more youthful. Mini-facelifts can be accomplished with much less dissection and a quicker recovery. A newer facelift, an S-type lift, can also be accomplished to improve the cheek and neck, and is much a simpler version that is easier to heal.

Eye Lid Questions

What is involved in cosmetic eyelid surgery?

Cosmetic surgery of the eyelids involves removing excess skin, common in the upper eyelids, as well as small amounts of fat that can make patients look tired. In the lower eyelids, skin also is excised, but a lesser amount. The fat compartments are also excised and the skin and muscle is lifted back into a more normal position.

Liposuction Questions

How safe is liposuction and what are the risks?

Liposuction is a safe procedure when patients are carefully selected. Risks include typically very minor accumulations of fluid, a deeper scar that resolves on its own or subtle changes in skin that slowly contract over time that need to be carefully watched.

Who is the best canidate for liposuction?

Good candidates for liposuction are otherwise healthy patients with fairly localized areas of fat accumulation. It is quite important that they have good skin tone that contracts and shrinks down over time as the contour is changed by removing the fat underneath that skin.

Which areas of the body respond the best to liposuction?

All areas of the body can respond well to liposuction when there is good healthy skin, that has good tone that retracts over time. Areas that respond best are the abdominal wall, and the buttock and thigh region, but I have had good success in the chin and neck as well.

Can liposuction be combined with other procedures?

Liposuction can be combined with other surgical procedures and is commonly combined with tummy tucks or breast surgery. When this is done, patients need to be carefully selected because risks do increase with the combined procedures.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Questions

What is the difference between abdominoplasty and liposuction?

The difference between abdominoplasty and liposuction is quite significant. Liposuction involves treatment of the fatty layer alone. The abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, involves treating excess skin, the fatty layer and the muscle layer in the abdominal wall to improve the overall contour.

What does abdominoplasty involve?

An abdominoplasty involves the treatment of the skin, the fat and the muscle layer in the abdominal wall which commonly gets changed after pregnancies or weight loss, and certainly can be rejuvenated quite nicely.

Can other areas of the body be lifted?

Most areas of the body can be lifted and rejuvenated since gravity affects us everywhere. We commonly perform lifts on the breasts, the abdominal wall, the buttocks and the thigh - and get excellent results.
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