Gallery | Liposuction

Liposuction | Case 1

A 45 yo male who lost 40 pounds after exercising and eating healthy. He desires better chest and abdominal contour. Liposuction improved his overall shape and skin tone with minimal scarring. Two preoperative photos and one postoperative full body  shot  demonstrate the changes.


Liposuction | Case 2

A 32 year old woman with 2 children underwent a cupsize breastlift/augmentation and liposuction of upper abdomen with mini tummy tuck. Her abdominal muscle tone is evident.

Liposuction | Case 3

A 50 year old woman with hereditary neck fullness desired liposuction to improve her contour. In the safe, well equipped office surgical suite, the procedure was easy. Local anesthesia helps minimize bruising and speed recovery.

Liposuction | Case 4

Liposuction of the arm can improve contour and tighten upper arm skin. In this woman, no skin excision was done and scarring was minimal.

Liposuction | Case 5

Liposuction of the sides and lower back can minimize love handles in me

Liposuction | Case 6

Liposuction of the hips and buttock can sculpt the gluteal crease and enhance shape. Lipofilling can add roundness.

Liposuction Abdomen | Case 7

32 year old mother of two is healthy and active.Still has some changes after pregnancy

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