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Lumpectomy Reconstruction

Partial Breast Reconstruction Breast Conservation Therapy (lumpectomy/radiation) has become a popular choice for women who have early breast cancer. Although studies show small recurrence risk and excellent survival rates, quality of life can be severely affected. Women need to know… they HAVE CHOICES. They deserve better education at the time of diagnosis. Making the correct decision requires a discussion about reconstruction options. Photographs can help women understand radiation changes in the remaining breast tissue and skin. A thorough consultation by an experienced plastic surgeon enables a woman to make an informed decision before lumpectomy surgery. Studies show 1/3 of women are dissatisfied with their quality of life after partial breast removal and radiation. Several options are available for reconstruction after lumpectomy. Implants and opposite breast procedures enhance results and improve quality of life.

Early Lumpectomy Reconstruction

Early lumpectomy reconstruction is a great option for women with larger breast sizes. Combining plastic surgery at the time of lumpectomy allows better shape and restoration of superior fullness. These options minimize radiation distortions. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are added when appropriate. Studies show 90% satisfaction and improved quality of life after early lumpectomy reconstruction.
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