Gallery | Lumpectomy Reconstruction

Lumpectomy Reconstruction | Case 1

A 42 yo woman shown 1 year after radiation to her right lumpectomy reconstruction and left mastopexy for symmetry. Breasts remain soft with great symmetry in all clothes.

Lumpectomy Reconstruction | Case 2

38 yo woman had late lumpectomy reconstruction with augmentation to improve symmetry. Her softness at 3 years is excellent.

Lumpectomy Reconstruction | Case 3

A woman who had lumpectomy for a right breast cancer underwent early reconstruction . Her symmetry , scars and softness are excellent after 3 years.

Lumpectomy Reconstruction | Cases 4 thru 6

Women who were not offered reconstruction after lumpectomy. Radiation scarring and deformity are evident.

Lumpectomy Reconstruction | Case 7

A healthy, engaging woman desired lumpectomy reconstruction of her deformed left breast. She is shown 3 months after one stage implant reconstruction with a flap. Her right breast augmentation added balance.

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