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Success Stories:  More Men Opting for Plastic Surgery

By Rachel Murray
Posted: Mar 12, 2017
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Choices In Breast Augmentation

Women   have   several   options today when they consider breast augmentation. New silicone gel breast implants are very different from implants of the past and have an excellent safety history with the FDA.  Rupture rates and capsular contracture has been reduced significantly over the FDA study period while maintaining softness.
Yet saline breast implants are still an option for others. This type of implant is similar but the deflation rate has decreased with newer styles and technology.  Different profiles and shapes are available in saline and silicone breast implants.
Of course, size matters! Because all of these implant choices come in different sizes. However, measurements are even more important as an understanding of each patient’s breast tissue is critical.  These factors help determine if your choice is realistic.  Each patient’s chest and breast has a “limit”. And these measurements, with a woman’s informed choice, help make the selection. Careful consideration of postoperative activity in submuscular breast augmentation is important.  Weekly follow up office visits help most women resume normal activity in 2-3 weeks and allow their surgeon to monitor their progress and breast implant softness.  A sports bra is helpful in the early postoperative time period and provides support at night while sleeping.
Women also get to choose their plastic surgeon.  I recommend that women choose a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in breast augmentation.  A free consultation is nice, but a through exam and consultation is needed.

Pick a plastic surgeon that not only understands your commitment but will also be there for you!!




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Mommy Makeovers: What is new?

In 2014, a renewed discussion has helped make mommy makeovers popular. Breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction have been used in combination to help improve a mothers body shape after pregnancy or breast feeding. These procedures remain among the most common cosmetic surgeries performed by plastic surgeons. Combination procedures are typically performed using general anaesthesia in an outpatient surgery facility. An experienced surgeon can help minimize risks and optimize recovery when healthy patients are selected.
After nearly 25 years of breast surgery and body contouring surgery experience, Dr Rigano strives to continually improve  results. Mommy makeovers have been performed safely as an outpatient for 17 years. Safe, efficient surgery enables patients to recovery quickly and return home the same day.  Occasionally patients need observation if they remain severely nauseated after surgery. Preoperative and postoperative protocols allow patients to have a smooth, progressive recovery. Most patients return to light activity in 2-3 weeks with amazing results.
New options in breast implant selection and increased availability of non-invasive  skin tightening allows Dr. Rigano to customize treatments. An FDA-approved laser treatment for residual stretch marks improves skin appearance by stimulating new collagen and elastic fibers in skin. Since the laser is non ablative, there is minimal downtime and most activities can be resumed in 24 hours.
As always, a thorough consultation can help patients understand mommy makeovers and understand related risks to combination procedures.


Reviewing before/after photos and answering common questions can enable women to understand their best options.



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Patient Testimonials

 Excellent surgical care is standard for all patients. Happy patients are our goal and we make this a reality 98% of the time. See what our patients have to say about it:
“I have now had two surgeries by Dr. Rigano, and I would definitely recommend him. I had a Breast Reduction a year and a half ago, and am currently recovering from anAbdominoplasty. I feel that Dr. Rigano is very experienced, knowledgeable, has great bed side manner, and made me feel very comfortable discussing the problems I was experiencing… I strongly recommend Dr. Rigano for both procedures, and feel that my recovery with both have gone so well because he truly knows what he is doing and cares for his patients!” - Kristin B.
“Made an appointment with Dr. Rigano, on the advice of my GP, Dr. M. Thuney.  I'm so glad I did.  I was able to ask my many questions, which Dr. Rigano answered with patience and completeness.  When my husband called a few days after surgery, b/c of my pain level, we were seen immediately, and all was taken care of.  I'm delighted with the way my body is healing and can't say enough good things about my surgeon.   Anyone looking for surgical expertise, questions answered, an efficient and friendly office staff and a doctor with a calm and comforting bed-side manner, look no further than Dr. William Rigano; you won't be sorry, I promise you!” - Joan Korber

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