Pigment Reduction


Aging, sun damage, and heredity are all factors that contribute to skin discoloration in our face and other exposed skin surfaces. The skin surface thickens and the dermal layer thins out. Collagen and elasticity are reduced and broken blood vessels make their way to the surface. This skin condition is extremely common in the baby boomer generation.
New laser technology targets blood vessels and pigment to clear the skin and restore a more youthful skin glow. Dark and light brown age/sun spots can be treated. Some of the darker area of pigment may require an extra session.
Avoiding direct sun exposure a week before or after treatment is important. Sun block and skin care help rejuvenate the skin during sessions. Maintenance treatments are done at 6 month intervals.
Chest, arms, and legs can develop significant sun damage when not protected. Minor scars and injuries can become pigmented when the become tanned in the early healing period. Targeted laser pigment reduction can be done in 15-30 minute sessions. Cooling laser tips are used with all IPL  hand pieces. This quick contact cooling helps minimize discomfort.  Topical anesthesia is seldom needed. Packages of 4 sessions optimize pigment clearance.
After pigment reduction and hand rejuvenation.
Sun damage and age spots on the back of hands.
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